2023 Integrated Annual Report

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What if AI was our best ally in ensuring our favorite pet’s wellbeing? Nestlé Purina’s innovative spirit and profound expertise in the pet industry led them to partner with Synapse and Cambridge Consultants (both part of Capgemini Invent) to develop and launch the Petivity Smart Litter Box Monitoring System, a sophisticated device ecosystem that enables pet owners to better understand and care for their cats. This strategic collaboration was pivotal in achieving an offering that is worthy of the Purina brand, while also being a viable new business line. Our involvement extended beyond the technical solution, as we helped shape new business, pricing, and operational models that deliver substantial value to Purina and its customers, propelling the brand into a new era of connected, customer-centric pet care.


The aerospace and defense industry is confronted with new challenges: implementing strategic and innovative programs - with shorter development timelines, while concurrently exerting greater control over its environmental and regulatory impacts. We supported our long-standing client Airbus, a leading aircraft manufacturer, in its ambitious DDMS (Digital Design, Manufacturing & Services) initiative that takes a digital-first approach to the way aerospace products are designed, manufactured and operated. We drew on our dual IT and business expertise in Intelligent Industry to support Airbus in maintaining digital continuity and ensuring the efficiency, coherence, orchestration and compliance of new products brought to market, industrial resources and associated services. In France and Germany, this approach has supported Airbus in digitalizing and revamping previous A380 hangars to facilitate A321XLR production without disruption.