Integrated Report 2018

Report 2018

The Integrated Report describes how Capgemini’s strategy, governance and organization create long-term financial and extra-financial value for the Group and its stakeholders.
Conversation with Daniela Rus and Paul Hermelin

Conversation with Daniela Rus and Paul Hermelin

Paul Hermelin, Chairman and CEO of Capgemini, and Daniela Rus, head of the Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence Laboratory at MIT, as well as one of the world’s leading researchers in robotics and artificial intelligence (AI), share their views on the impact of technology, and more specifically AI, on our present and future, and how both can support major social and, environmental evolution.

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At a glance

Capgemini is a global leader in consulting, technology, and digital transformation services. The Group presents companies and organizations with the best opportunities offered by technology. Our mission is to help our customers improve their competitiveness and agility, but also to imagine and build the businesses of tomorrow.




2018 revenue


of our social projects concern digital inclusion

120+ nationalities

in more than 40 countries

We leverage
social and
business trends

Human, passionate,
and innovative

Using our experts, operational excellence, innovative assets, and added-value partnerships, we link technology, business and society to deliver sustainable value to all stakeholders and the communities in which we operate.

Explosion of new technologies


Talent race

Working with purpose

Climate change

Digital divide

We engineer value

We deliver value

We share outcomes

As a technology-enabled transformation partner and leader, we enable our clients to achieve innovation and sustainable competitiveness by deploying relevant technologies and business expertise. We deliver solutions in:

Consulting – Strategy and Transformation

Technology and Engineering Services

Application Services

Managed Services

We deliver value for
our clients

Our ambition is to become a strategic partner for all our clients by bridging business and technology challenges. We build success together.

Capgemini x Eneco

Reinventing ourselves to meet Eneco’s changing needs

Capgemini x Albert Heijn

Digitizing Albert Heijn’s supply chain


Preparing for what’s to come
with five main pillars


01. We leverage our passion for our clients


02. We invest in highly skilled talents with an entrepreneurial spirit


03. We drive innovation by mobilizing the right ecosystem and technology


04. We expand our portfolio of services and strengthen our global presence


05. We are committed to a more inclusive world

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Christine Hodgson
“Creating sustainable value is at the core of our mission and our interactions with our stakeholders. We work constructively with all our stakeholders, through a continuous dialogue and a strong engagement process, to offer relevant solutions to our clients and fulfil our role as a responsible leader.”
Christine Hodgson Corporate Social Responsibility

Three pillars for a positive impact

Architects of Positive Futures

01. Diversity
02. Digital Inclusion
03. Environmental sustainability

We leverage a global work environment where diverse profiles and inclusive practices are instrumental to our collective performance.

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We spread digital culture and become a leader in bridging the digital gap. In 2018, 64% of our community projects focused on digital inclusion. By 2020, we will focus 80% of our social impact initiatives on promoting digital inclusion, by supporting excluded populations and reducing the digital divide caused by the digital revolution and automation.

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Our environmental sustainability approach focuses on reducing our own environmental impacts, building the resilience of our business to the impacts of climate change, and supporting our clients with their sustainability challenges.

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Architecture of positive futures

North America

Family Promise Digital Literacy Curriculum
Digital training and returnto-work programs for homeless families.

Merivis Foundation
Mentoring and training program to introduce combat veterans and military spouses to IT professions.

Social Good Hackathon
Contest in which teams of engineering students use technology to solve social problems.

Latin America

Educational Technology
Program to introduce digital tools into classrooms in Guatemala.

Latin America

Young Women in Tech
Program to promote the training and hiring of women in Brazil’s tech industry.

Connecting Boundaries
Program to train and integrate refugees at Capgemini Brazil.


Digital Academy & mentoring
Train refugees in the UK with Code your Future in technology skills, enabling them to re-integrate into the new world of work.


Development in the Netherlands of a portal and mobile app allowing NGO personnel to collect data in the field on people with the AIDS virus.


Digital Academy & mentoring
Train refugees in Germany with Redi School in technology skills, enabling them to re-integrate into the new world of work.


Digital Academy & mentoring
IT training and mentoring program in partnership with Simplon to train disadvantaged youth in France.


Program to offer digital training to young women with disabilities in Spain.

Asia Pacific

Program delivering education to 30,000 students in rural India, in digital and new technologies.

Digital Academy
In partnership with Simplon and Pratham Infotech Foundation, the launch of two digital academies in Mumbai and Pune, including one devoted exclusively to women.

Training in IT, data and web professions for unemployed young people in India.

Asia Pacific

IT Google Office training
Digital training and return-to-work program in Vietnam.

Janet Pope - CSR Director for North America
“Diversity and inclusion are essential for our clients. At Capgemini, we boost the diversity of our teams – diversity of identity, of course, and also ways of thinking.”
Janet Pope Architect of Positive Futures – CSR Director for North America
Leena David - Architecte d’Avenirs Positifs – Équipe RSE en Inde
“I’ve been a volunteer for a long time, and it’s always an incredible experience. I want to encourage all of us to give back to society, not necessarily by donating money, but by giving our time and skills.”
Leena David Architect of Positive Futures – CSR Team India
James Robey - Responsabilité environnementale
“Capgemini’s environmental sustainability program is about building solutions to important environmental issues, both within our business and for our clients. 2018 has been a year of strong progress on all fronts. We are delighted to hit our 2020 carbon target two years early.”
James Robey Environmental Sustainability

the talent race

Hubert Giraud - People and transformation
“Talent is the main asset of this company. We can’t perform if we can’t attract and develop the right talents. You progress at Capgemini by going through experiences. Be ready to engage, initiate, build your own path.”
Hubert Giraud People Management & Transformation
Identifier de nouveaux talents en Inde

Spotlighting our employees’ experience

In 2018, we launched the “Love Your Career. Ace Your Career” initiative, which saw hundreds of employees worldwide share their passion and experiences, generating 82 million interactions on social media. Our goal is to position Capgemini as the most engaging company in our ecosystem.

Hackathon in India
The Indian 2018 hackathon campaign enabled us to scout 40,000 candidates and recruit the most promising experts in digital and cloud.

Identify new talents in India
Identifier de nouveaux talents en Inde

Promoting women and millennials

In 2018, we launched a campaign aimed at millennials across 18 countries (#Gradathon), and another dedicated to women (#IWD2018), in which female role models shared how they overcame obstacles on their path to success.

Promouvoir les femmes et les millenials
Identifier de nouveaux talents en Inde

Staying ahead of the curve

We have launched an unprecedented training program to enable our employees to keep up with the speed of transformation. 95% of our workforce participated in learning programs consuming 8.8 million learning hours.

Rester en tête de la course

Key Figures

193 100


199 700


211 300


Number of employees








Percentage of new Vice-Presidents who are women









Greenhouse gas emissions in tCO2e

Christine Hodgson
“The Capgemini Board of Directors possesses a wide range of expertise, adapted to the current and future challenges facing the Group.”
Pierre Pringuet Lead Independent Director & Chairman of the Ethics & Governance Committee
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