to Capgemini’s first
Integrated Report

This year, for the first time, we release digitally and in print, an Integrated Report aligned with the ‹IR› Framework as published by the International Integrated Reporting Council.

It is a key communication intended for all our stakeholders to explain who we are at Capgemini: a technology-enabled business transformation company serving global clients and a leading responsible company, using our expertise for positive impact.

Confident about the future, we believe that financial and non-financial performance are both critical to creating sustainable value for all. We would be delighted to gather your comments at integratedreporting@capgemini.com

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Tackling industry challenges

Wide spectrum of sector-specific expertise

The digital transformation is disrupting nearly every industry, and Capgemini works closely with its clients to help them rethink their business models and customer journeys to stay one step ahead. To do so, we capitalize on the complementary nature of our diverse, end-to-end business capabilities (consulting, design, engineering, application development, business services, and infrastructure) to develop digital transformation solutions for our clients through a targeted, sector-based approach.

Consumer Products, Retail, Distribution & Transportation

As consumer expectations are quickly evolving, many companies are witnessing revolutionary changes in how their brands interact with their customers. Capgemini acts as their guide to navigate the changing consumer technology landscape and identify and implement solutions that can transform their business.

Our solutions: Consumer Products & Retail

Our solutions: Transportation & Distribution

Energy, Utilities & Chemicals

We help companies in these sectors to transform their business while meeting the challenges of evolving regulatory policies, increasingly stringent environmental standards, and landmark technology disruptions.

Transforming finance and accounting processes

As the leading oil and gas company in India, Bharat Petroleum Corporation Limited (BPCL) manages the end-to-end energy value chain in India. The company offers a range of petroleum and subsidiary products which power vehicles on the roads, cater to the fuel requirements of 8,000 industries, and meet the energy requirements of millions of Indians. Similar to the challenges faced by oil and gas companies across the globe, BPCL is tasked with addressing the growing challenges of rapidly depleting natural resources, increased regulations, and heightened public scrutiny. To meet these challenges, BPCL is investing heavily in digital technologies across the manufacturing and distribution supply chain.

Capgemini was chosen as a key partner to assist BPCL in setting up a Shared Services Center (SSC) and to support in the digitization and maintenance of key finance and accounting processes, including in areas such as robotics, automation, cognitive analytics, and machine learning. One of the first initiatives was to digitalize the vendor invoice management (VIM) process within a record time of five months. The transformation was remarkable: after just six months in place, the company has markedly improved operational efficiency, resulting in significant savings. Moving forward, the vision is to digitize every finance and accounting process and move towards a paperless future.

Our solutions: Energy, Utilities & Chemicals

Financial Services (Insurance & Banking)

Digital disruption has profoundly changed the financial services sector and its business models. Capgemini provides the freedom to lead and transform businesses with proven consulting and technology solutions in banking, insurance and capital markets. We support the rationalization and simplification of financial institutions’ applications and infrastructure, notably in the fields of mobility, intelligent data management, client experience improvement, and regulation compliance.

Our solutions: Banking & Capital Markets

Manufacturing, Automotive & Life Sciences

While this sector may be fertile ground for innovation, improving competitiveness remains a constant challenge. To that end, Capgemini enables its clients to achieve significant savings in their business technology, as well as to transform and reshape their industries.

Industry 4.0 for real-time results

Esaote, one of the world’s leading manufacturers of medical diagnostic systems, recently chose Capgemini to digitally transform its production infrastructure into a smart factory model. The company needed to harmonize its production processes to gain efficiencies and reduce costs through leaner cycles. It also wanted to achieve less production defects to enable scrap-and-rework cost reductions, and correct plant maintenance strategies to improve overall component traceability. To address these challenges Capgemini devised a full transformation aimed at harmonizing and simplifying Esaote’s technological architecture. Capgemini integrated the existing infrastructure with SAP solutions by leveraging its “Fast Digital 4 Discrete Industries” (FD4DI) offering. FD4DI is a Capgemini and SAP joint initiative to help clients in discrete manufacturing industries to apply the latest innovations in the areas of Industrial Internet of Things, cloud, big data, and smart automation.

Esaote’s production performance is now monitored in real-time with KPIs and analytics thanks to real-time integration with machines, faster data processing, and a new quality control framework. The platform optimizes and manages a fully integrated and scalable production process within a comprehensive network of suppliers, customers, and post-sales services. The solution produced measurable results after only 10 months, with an increase in efficiency of approximately 15% and a reduction in production lead time, quality cost and production waste of approximately 10%.

Our solutions: Manufacturing & Industrial Products

Our solutions: Automotive

Our solutions: Healthcare & Life Sciences

Public Sector

Capgemini assists administrations, companies and public agencies, as well as major local authorities, to implement programs and plans for modernization, with an ever-growing focus on digital.

Automation for better public services

Widely seen as a major enabler of public sector transformation, Robotic Process Automation (RPA) is a process in which software is programmed to autonomously carry out basic tasks across applications, thus reducing the burden of simple and repetitive tasks on employees. For government departments, RPA can automate tasks such as drawing information from different databases to verify a request for a service, grant, or benefit. RPA is highly cost effective, can be developed and deployed in a matter of weeks, and often demonstrates return on investment within a few months. It has been known to dramatically improve the speed and accuracy of processing, resulting in a quicker and higher quality service for the public.

In 2017, Capgemini created an RPA Center of Excellence (CoE) to support the UK Cabinet Office with its plans to automate some of its clerical processes, and thus fulfil its mandate to further the effective running of government and ensure value for money to the taxpayer. The RPA-focused CoE accelerates the up-take of RPA across central government by bringing together a team of experts at the forefront of this technology, from both the public and private sector. It serves as a showcase for RPA activities by providing education and demonstrations, helping departments to identify potential RPA initiatives and conduct detailed analysis of potential benefits before deciding on implementation.

Our solutions: Public Sector

Telecommunications, Media & Entertainment

Operators in this sector are often faced with challenges resulting from digital disruption, including competition from emergent actors and the saturation of networks due to the explosion of content. With deep experience in this sector, Capgemini offers access to talented thought leaders who provide a rich knowledge of telecommunications, digital content, and delivery expertise.

Cloud-based business insights

Building on more than 15 years of experience, Telenor Connexion designs and operates Internet of Things (IoT) solutions to provide its clients with connected services worldwide. Already established on the market as a global provider of high-quality mobile connectivity, the company recently turned to Capgemini to untap the hidden value of its business data. Capgemini built the Advanced Real-time Troubleshooting ToolSet (ARTS), based on the Amazon AWS platform, to help Telenor Connexion secure insights into the network performance and geographical device distribution of its systems. ARTS measures the quality of service on a global level and, using high-level data analytics, predicts issues in the networks and automatically prescribes solutions.

The cloud-based technology reduces issue resolution times from hours to minutes, enabling fast troubleshooting and problem solving with low maintenance and cost-effective infrastructure. Telenor Connexion is now in a unique pioneering position to provide big data analytics to its global customers across a number of industries. The new insights will further enhance the company’s ability to connect its clients to the Internet of Things – bringing people, places, and things together in unprecedented ways.

Our solutions: Telecoms

Our solutions: Media & Entertainment