to Capgemini’s first
Integrated Report

This year, for the first time, we release digitally and in print, an Integrated Report aligned with the ‹IR› Framework as published by the International Integrated Reporting Council.

It is a key communication intended for all our stakeholders to explain who we are at Capgemini: a technology-enabled business transformation company serving global clients and a leading responsible company, using our expertise for positive impact.

Confident about the future, we believe that financial and non-financial performance are both critical to creating sustainable value for all. We would be delighted to gather your comments at integratedreporting@capgemini.com

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Chairman and CEO

Hubert Giraud

People Management and Transformation

Christine Hodgson

Corporate Social Responsibility

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About us

Market trends and our priorities

Market trends and our prioritites

Succeeding in a rapidly evolving market

Consulting and IT services companies provide business and technological expertise to support organizations in the complexity of creating, managing, and optimizing their IT and business performance.

Effectiveness and innovation

Effectiveness and innovation in digital and IT are key for clients. Consulting and IT services providers have supported their clients through several technological waves and have gone through successive large transformations over the past few decades such as the shift from mainframes to client-server architecture, the move to software packages, followed by mobile applications, big data and the cloud in more recent years. We are in a market where we must adapt, and that has always been the exciting challenge in our industry.


Historically, consulting and IT services providers have been leveraged by companies for two main reasons:

  • One is effectiveness, quality and cost reduction, with a focus on outsourcing. Traditional consulting and IT services providers give a commitment to clients on quality, time to deliver, and efficiency gains, hence the importance of productivity, relentless cost management and automation.
  • The second main reason is innovation: consulting and IT services companies help clients imagine what’s possible with innovation. As the landscape continues to evolve rapidly, with waves of technological disruption, new possibilities are opening up for clients. These include artificial intelligence, advances in analytics, the cloud, and blockchain.
Digital transformation

When it comes to the digital transformation of business, the future is now. Companies are using digital technologies and advanced analytics to unlock new sources of sustainable growth and achieve new levels of efficiency, flexibility, and speed. We see industries invest in digital intelligence to understand and predict their businesses and use digital enablers to create tangible solution models orientated around the whole value chain.

This combines a true “end-to-end customer experience”, an industrial revolution, and renewed business platforms, all powered by new, cloud-centric infrastructure.

Information technology becomes mainstream

IT will continue to be a critical foundation. Significant opportunities exist to refresh IT with new capabilities, such as flexibility with the cloud and efficiency enhanced by automation.


We now also see a wider addressablemarket beyond the “traditional” area of chief information officers. New enterprise buyers are emerging, in particular:

  • Chief marketing officers, as they are increasingly responsible for end-to-end customer experience.
  • Chief operating officers, as IT becomes embedded in products and services across industries.
  • Manufacturing executives, who now focus heavily onenabling the “Industry 4.0” delivery model as well as efficiency, intelligent production, and constant product customization.

Capgemini, a Leader for Leaders

The Group is ideally positioned to capitalize on these market megatrends with the expertise to help our clients transform at scale.


We leverage our passion for clients

We help our customers attain their objectives in terms of effectiveness and innovation. Our conviction is that the purpose of a transformation program should not be digital for digital’s sake. It should be driven by specific business needs and designed with the optimal architecture to best capture the value from innovation.

We partner with clients to drive end-to-end transformation enabled by our capabilities, which range from innovation, consulting, and systems integration to operations.

Moreover, as a global strategic partner, we believe that in-depth industry knowledge is critical. We continue to invest and strengthen our industry content in our selected focus areas.

We expand our portfolio and strengthen our global presence

Our current focus is the evolution of our offerings towards digital and cloud, which are driving significant business and technological change at our clients. We are pursuing targeted acquisitions to reinforce our capabilities and accelerate the transformation of our portfolio of offerings.

We continue to invest in cybersecurity as we see strong traction for our offerings, geared towards securing our clients’ infrastructure and systems. We enhance our portfolio in close collaboration with our key partners to anticipate market evolutions.

We are accelerating our efforts in artificial intelligence. We are developing and deploying AI-based and machine learning solutions for our clients, including top-tier investment banks, consumer products and automotive companies. We are also investing in our own AI-based platform to stay ahead of the curve and will expand on our solid community of more than 10,000 skilled resources in AI and automation.

We will also further strengthen our footprint in North America, the largest and most innovative IT market in the world, whilst pursuing our growth in Europe, our historical market. We remain ambitious about our expansion in other parts of the world, in particular Asia Pacific and Latin America, which represent fast growing markets.

We invest in highly skilled entrepreneurial talent

Capgemini’s spirit of conquest and passion for entrepreneurship on behalf of our clients have always been key for our employees. In 2017, we launched an unprecedented investment to upgrade our capabilities, increasing our training efforts by 34%, which translated into the addition of 2.2 million training hours. We will continue to invest in our people, attract and retain the best people in the industry, and offer leadership opportunities to our diverse, emerging talents.

We commit to being a leading responsible company

Corporate social responsibility is a business imperative, important in all our decision making. We focus our CSR strategy on three core pillars:

  • Diversity: creating a diverse talent pool and a working environment in which they can thrive.
  • Digital inclusion: helping societies take advantage of the digital and automation revolution.
  • Environmental sustainability: reducing our carbon impact and helping our clients to reduce theirs.