to Capgemini’s first
Integrated Report

This year, for the first time, we release digitally and in print, an Integrated Report aligned with the ‹IR› Framework as published by the International Integrated Reporting Council.

It is a key communication intended for all our stakeholders to explain who we are at Capgemini: a technology-enabled business transformation company serving global clients and a leading responsible company, using our expertise for positive impact.

Confident about the future, we believe that financial and non-financial performance are both critical to creating sustainable value for all. We would be delighted to gather your comments at integratedreporting@capgemini.com

Paul Hermelin

Chairman and CEO

Hubert Giraud

People Management and Transformation

Christine Hodgson

Corporate Social Responsibility

Rosemary Stark


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Letter from Paul Hermelin

The year 2017 will go down, for me, as memorable for many reasons. One year after the passing of our founder, Serge Kampf, we decided to mobilize the employees of Capgemini and its clients to celebrate the Group's 50th anniversary and commemorate the entrepreneurial spirit that presided over Capgemini’s creation in October 1967. This celebration took a variety of forms, notably a challenge that saw our 200,000 employees raise money for humanitarian causes, as well as a startup competition to recognize entrepreneurship and innovation.

At the same time, our management team kicked off an in-depth reflection to prepare for our future and to determine the best ways to seize the opportunities tied to the spectacular demand for technology.

This is why I invited our top 500 managers to attend the aptly named “Rencontres” (Meetings) near Grenoble, a yearly tradition first initiated by Serge that has always set the pace for our Group. This year’s event enabled us to tackle two strategic priorities: rethink and enrich our passion for clients, and develop a more agile management of our portfolio of services.

Over the last five years we have been reorganizing the Group to focus on becoming a “strategic supplier” to our leading clients, who are themselves leaders in their own industries. So, it was all about directly applying those lessons to what I would call the Group’s business DNA.

As far as our offers are concerned, Capgemini counts as one of the first service providers that has successfully made the shift into what is now called “digital”, which I would define as the massive rollout of information technologies to modernize or revolutionize business. With such an ambition, we must continuously renew our expertise and develop our partnerships on a permanent basis, so we can anticipate every innovation and ultimately gain in agility.

We came to realize that the factors that enabled Capgemini to grow from a small startup in Grenoble to become today one of the forerunners of its industry were the same factors that will help us meet the challenges ahead. These include excelling in the service business, mobilizing all technological expertise, assembling men and women around shared values, and cultivating entrepreneurial energy.

We must resist the temptation for a group of our size to get tied up in internal discussions. On the contrary, we must stay open and passionate about innovations coming from the outside world, including all the startups driving today’s technology. To that end, our Applied Innovation Exchange (AIE) network is an undeniable source of strength, as are all our colleagues and their insatiablecuriosity. It is thanks to this that we are set to rack up successes in the most advanced fields: artificial intelligence, the Internet of Things, and blockchain.

“Our ambition is to make Capgemini a Leader for Leaders, a company with the capacity to deliver the most demanding projects for the most demanding clients, all while attracting and retaining the most talented people.”

Paul Hermelin

Chairman & Chief Executive Officer

And all of this while also investing in our future, which is why I have put in place two COOs, both of whom have been with the Group for a long time, respected, experienced, and promising leaders – Aiman Ezzat and Thierry Delaporte. Each of them are respectively in charge of our two strategic priorities: the strengthening of our client intimacy and the acceleration of the transformation of our portfolio of offers. With this new governance, we have the strength to prepare for the upcoming management transition and to form a unified and reinforced team, focused on our ambition. That ambition is to make Capgemini a Leader for Leaders, a company with the capacity to deliver the most demanding projects for the most demanding clients, all while attracting and retaining the most talented people!