to Capgemini’s first
Integrated Report

This year, for the first time, we release digitally and in print, an Integrated Report aligned with the ‹IR› Framework as published by the International Integrated Reporting Council.

It is a key communication intended for all our stakeholders to explain who we are at Capgemini: a technology-enabled business transformation company serving global clients and a leading responsible company, using our expertise for positive impact.

Confident about the future, we believe that financial and non-financial performance are both critical to creating sustainable value for all. We would be delighted to gather your comments at integratedreporting@capgemini.com

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Chairman and CEO

Hubert Giraud

People Management and Transformation

Christine Hodgson

Corporate Social Responsibility

Rosemary Stark


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Enhancing a culture of leadership

Becoming a “Leader for Leaders” requires continuous investment in our biggest asset: our people. They come from all over the world and all kinds of backgrounds. They are Capgemini’s first enabler to take on new challenges and deliver world-class results.

Capgemini’s business of technology-led transformation is people-enabled. Our clients and their competition are constantly evolving, rendering methods and technologies obsolete faster than most can cope with. The only way to foresee the challenges that lay ahead is to attract and develop an extensive pool of cross-sector and multi-expertise talent, blending them together to connect the dots in new ways.


of Capgemini’s diverse workforce is composed of millenials

Our 200,000 employees in 40+ countries work on exciting and fast-paced projects with industry-leading clients, peering with expert colleagues across multiple fields. They guide these global actors throughout their digital and transformational changes, leading them towards greater innovation and competitiveness. With technologies – from AI to IoT to blockchain – evolving so quickly, we build our people’s readiness for tomorrow’s challenges through extensive, personalized, adapted, and continuous learning.

Diversity delivers better results

We rely on a diverse, experienced workforce to better understand and respond to client needs. Our clients come from all over the globe and so do our employees. Our holistic definition of diversity extends beyond gender, gender identity, sexual orientation, disability, ethnicity, race, age, and religion. Our aim is to promote ideas that challenge the status quo, drive innovation, and encourage agile and flexible thinking to stay ready for the future. In recognition of our practices, we were awarded as a Top 10 Recruiter in Diversity by the Mozaik Foundation and the French Ministry of the Economy, and certified EDGE (Economic Dividends for Gender Equality) at different levels in Brazil, France, India, the UK and the US.

Managers as catalysts

Capgemini relies on each and every one of our people to provide the knowledge base necessary to answer the call and provide best-in-class solutions to our clients. We empower our employees at every stage of their career development by providing the training, mentorship, skills and motivation to become the leaders of tomorrow.

Our Group Human Resources (HR) priority is to attract and develop the talent needed to design and deliver the technology-enabled solutions that respond to our clients’ most strategic needs. As business requirements become more and more complex, our teams must combine deep sector expertise and the right digital know-how that offers the perfect mix for each client challenge. We must ensure that we provide all employees with the means to develop their capabilities, with training and certification essential to the most relevant and sustainable business performance.


Capgemini recruitments in 2017

Recruiting the best and brightest

Capgemini hires the best talent, and then empowers them with opportunities for continuous learning, international mobility, and real chances to lead. This attractive mix has seen Capgemini grow over the past 50 years, as we now employ nearly 200,000 people, with over 50,000 recruitments taking place each year. In 2017, the leading company ratings website Glassdoor recognized Capgemini as among the best places to work.

We hire from the best universities, offering world-leading graduate schemes for engineers like the Train & Hire Program in India. This initiative identifies in-demand technologies and then offers training courses for newly recruited graduates. Elsewhere, we focus on continuing education and reskilling programs, notably through a partnership with the French national unemployment agency which focuses on training and hiring women. Indeed, we have received several awards for our commitment to a gender-inclusive workforce, including being named one of the top 50 employers for women in Canada and the UK (according to The Times), and one of the top 100 companies for women in India. In addition to graduates, we have specific programs for apprentices and veteran hiring schemes, further widening the net for attracting top-level recruits.

International mobility

As a global company, Capgemini is committed to offering exciting international career opportunities to its employees and to serve our clients by assembling multi-national and multidisciplinary teams. Last year, 22,000 employees went to work abroad in more than 100 countries around the world.

3.8 million

hours of global classroom learning took place in 2017

Career-long training

With technology advancing faster than ever before, the idea that an outstanding graduate or even an experienced employee can rely on their existing skills as they move forward in their careers is now obsolete. Continuous, career-long learning and certification are the new musts. At Capgemini, we combine internal learning via our L&D and University programs, with external certification modules and digital platforms, thereby making upskilling a life-long affair.

Certifications boost continuous learning

We also encourage our employees to pursue internal and external certifications, which build strong bonds among professional interest groups while creating a competitive edge for our company. To ensure their success, we provide support to our employees through online and face-to-face mentoring programs. A key priority for 2017 was setting up our Automation Academy and, by year’s end, almost 5,500 engagement managers had obtained or reconfirmed their certification. The Integrated Architecture Framework (IAF), in use by Capgemini and our clients, now has more than 350 certified architects, with another 1,500 architects certified in the framework-agnostic certification launched in 2016. We also received a series of industry-acclaimed Brandon Hall Group Awards in 2017 for the strength of our innovative learning programs, including in the areas of digital age learning. In 2018, we plan to implement a digital practices certification for our VP and Director level population to further accelerate a digital-first mindset and culture.

Capgemini university

Capgemini University is recognized as a best-in-class learning organization built on a rich legacy of innovation. Through its learning paths, Capgemini offers competency- and capability-development matching our employees’ careers and needs evolution. This ensures they can continually design and deliver the client business solutions mix needed to meet the most complex challenges. Reflecting our multicultural values and diversity-inspired approach, we have principle campuses at our Serge Kampf Les Fontaines site (Chantilly, France) and in Pune (India), in addition to regional campuses across the globe. In 2017, more than 198,000 active employees – nearly the entire Capgemini workforce – participated in learning programs for a total of 3.8 million hours of classroom learning, and millions of hours in self-learning through our digital platforms.

Serge Kampf Les Fontaines Campus in Gouvieux (France)