to Capgemini’s first
Integrated Report

This year, for the first time, we release digitally and in print, an Integrated Report aligned with the ‹IR› Framework as published by the International Integrated Reporting Council.

It is a key communication intended for all our stakeholders to explain who we are at Capgemini: a technology-enabled business transformation company serving global clients and a leading responsible company, using our expertise for positive impact.

Confident about the future, we believe that financial and non-financial performance are both critical to creating sustainable value for all. We would be delighted to gather your comments at integratedreporting@capgemini.com

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Chairman and CEO

Hubert Giraud

People Management and Transformation

Christine Hodgson

Corporate Social Responsibility

Rosemary Stark


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Partnering with leading clients - Capgemini’s value proposition

Capgemini’s Applied Innovation Exchange

Partnering for innovation through our global ecosystem of experts

At Capgemini, the client takes center stage. We craft customer-centered solutions, leveraging a complex ecosystem of partners, innovators, incubators, think tanks, startups, and scale-ups1, to make sure we bring our clients what they need. Our objective is not only to spark new ideas on how to improve ways of doing business, but to guide clients along the way and be a partner for their success. One way of doing this is through the Applied Innovation Exchange (AIE) our global innovation platform.

Applied Innovation Exchange


Pushing the limits

In 2017, the AIE hosted more than 1,300 client engagements to explore technological solutions to business challenges. At these sessions, we worked with large corporations and startups to push the limits of all aspects of innovation. The role and impact of the AIE is often different depending on the type of product, service, and business model.

However, one consistent factor is the rigorous framework that supports success.

Innovation is fun and interesting; however, applied innovation is valuable. The AIE’s framework provides the necessary discipline and rigor that is needed to innovate effectively and rapidly.

It helps organizations create a culture that encourages, rewards, and promotes innovation. It enables organizations to discover, devise, deploy, and sustain new ideas, insights, solutions, and value. It leverages the latest suites of tools and methods, accelerators, and design thinking.


Combining multiple talents for innovation

Our experience shows that a key to innovating successfully is finding the right people. A multi-disciplinary ecosystem is needed to drive applied innovation. There must be a collaborative, co-creative approach to build prototypes, proofs-of-concept, and demonstrate business value. Ecosystems thrive on the energy that comes from sharing ideas. To create this energy you need to combine different types of people, partners, and even ecosystems. The AIE links our global curated ecosystem of innovation experts, partners, academia, start-ups, third-party R&D, venture funds, and private equity firms with our clients. With a framework for action and a high-performance engagement experience, our clients, partners, and Capgemini talent all benefit from this unique experience.

This approach facilitates creativity and new ways of thinking. For example: how can blockchain be used for retail supply chain management? How can AI be used to predict how autonomous vehicles and driven vehicles will react together? How can we predict when a component in a nuclear plant is likely to fail ?

Images : working session at our Applied Innovation Exchange in New-York


Applied Innovation Exchange